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 who has trained several thousand successful health care professionals including many doctors Launches BEST USMLE TUTOR  [a one of its kind Novel One-on-One  Focused and Individualized, Diagnostic and Remedial (FIDR) Tutoring  Service available in over 50 subjects] believes that the best way to Improve USMLE pass rates is to learn Medicine using his Real Life Analogies (RLA) approach.  

Dr. Harish Malik of Elite Tutoring Service uses his RLA approach to teach his students, generate patient teaching strategies, and breakdown difficult to comprehend medical concepts, diseases processes, diagnostic and treatment modalities for them in a simple to understand language to help them in making the optimal evidence based decisions to help them succeed in passing USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK, Step 2 CS, and Step 3 Exams.

BEST USMLE TUTOR's Sample of Real Life Analogy (RLA) approach:

To explain Immune System to a Student/Patient: Inflammation is defined as nonspecific (innate) localized tissue response to injury (Mnemonic for causes of injury is VINDICATE ME – please read my earlier post “What is our immune system and how does it work?”) It is classified as acute, sub-acute or chronic based on the severity and onset. The type of cells and mediators involved are different just like the Real Life Analogy (RLA) scenario where different forces are deployed by us for the repair process and containment of damage with different types of conflicts (pathogens) or damages (non-infectious causes) done to our world, whether these involve one person, a family, community, city, county, state or a nation. For example the Marines (Analogous to IgM – a pentamer Immunoglobulin and Neutrophils – phagocytic cell- seen in Acute Inflammation) usually go in right after the intelligence is gathered using drones or secret service agents (Cell Mediators and signaling involving T-Helper (CD4) cells) and presented (APCs – Antigen Presenting Cells like the Microglial cells in Brain, Dendritic cells in Skin, Kupffer cells in Liver, Mesangial cells in Kidneys) to make the situation on the ground conducive for the Ground forces (IgG – a monomer Immunoglobulin and Lymphocytes, Macrophages and Giant cells – which are syncytial macrophages seen in Chronic Inflammation trying to contain the pathogens) to take over and maintain a neutralizing force until the situation is returned very close to normal. A memory of the injury/conflict is kept in the form of T and B memory cells for future rapid response to a similar situation……..(excerpt taken from Online Health Expert BEST USMLE TUTOR Dr. Harish Malik's story of Lymphatic and the Immune System).

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