BEST USMLE TUTOR Launches First Ever Interactive Online Group Sessions for Comprehensive USMLE Step 3 Review Including CCS Section.

BEST USMLE TUTOR Launches First Ever Interactive Online Sessions for USMLE Step 3 Preparation which Include MCQ Strategies for Answering Long Clinical Vignette Style Multistep Questions, and Abstracts and Drug Advertisement Questions as Well as Strategies for doing Well on CCS Section of USMLE Step 3. Each Session is Interactive and Designed to be 4 hours Long and is Competitively Priced to Offer the USMLE Step 3 Examinee the Best Chance to Optimize their Time and Effort to Pass USMLE Step 3 in a Single Attempt. 

Most High Yield Tips and Resources for USMLE Step 3 Will be Discussed in the Introductory Session. Interactive Online Comprehensive Group Sessions Will be Made Available to Those Who have Failed to Pass USMLE Step 3 on Their Own or Despite the Use of Other Popular Web-Based or Classroom Programs as Well as Those Preparing for USMLE Step 3 For the First Time.

BEST USMLE TUTOR has an Exceptionally Phenomenal Pass Rate for USMLE Step 3 and Is Proud to Launch the INTERACTIVE Online Group Sessions For Comprehensive USMLE Step 3 Preparation. 

USMLE Step 3 Comprehensive Online Interactive Group Sessions Will be Held Mon-Fri (Sat-Sun Off) at Predetermined timing on Each Day. The Interactive Fully Comprehensive USMLE Step 3 Review Course is Designed to Be Completed in 200 Hours @ 4 Hours/day - 5 days/Week and Is Designed to Complete in 10 Weeks. 

More Flexible USMLE Step 3 Interactive One-on-One Sessions For Students with  Less Flexible Timeline which are Billed @ Higher Rate Will Still be Made Available for Those With Multiple Attempts or Those Who have Time Constraints Due to their Busy Residency Schedules.

Current/ Prior Residents/ IMG's Are All Equally Welcome to Join BEST USMLE TUTOR's Interactive Online USMLE Step 3 Review Program. Our Program is Designed to Provide the Most Benefit for IMG's without any Residency Experience, Current/ Prior Ob-Gyn, Psychiatry, Surgery and Other Non-Primary Care Residents.

As 2013 Comes to an End and USMLE Step 3 is Scheduled to Undergo Changes to its Passing Requirements as Well as Style and Number of MCQ's and CCS Next Year, This is a Golden Opportunity to PASS USMLE Step 3 Before the Scheduled Changes Take Effect in 2014.

Please Feel Free to Call/ Message BEST USMLE TUTOR if You or Someone You Know Needs to PASS USMLE Step 3 and is Looking For the BEST Online or In-Person USMLE Step 3 Comprehensive Review Program.

Please Don't Let This Golden Opportunity Pass You By...Call BEST USMLE TUTOR @ (803) 493-5573 Today and Leave a Detailed Message about Your USMLE Step 3 Preparation NEEDS!!!

Read BEST USMLE TUTOR's Detailed Student Reviews and Talk to Previous USMLE Step 3 Students Who Have Successfully PASSED USMLE Step 3.

Thank you,

Dr. Harish Malik