USMLE Step 3 has undergone changes that has made Passing Step 3 more challenging.. Read more...

Are you looking to Pass USMLE Step 3 in your First Attempt or have you Failed USMLE Step 3 once, twice or more number of times and would like to dramatically improve your chances of doing well on USMLE Step 3?

Whether you are a busy Resident or an IMG looking to pass USMLE Step 3, BEST USMLE TUTOR is your Best bet at Beating the Odds of failing USMLE Step 3 in your next attempt.  USMLE Step 3 has undergone some changes such as the total number of questions per block has decreased but the length of questions has dramatically increased and the number of Abstracts and Drug Advertisments have more than doubled. There is more basic sciences questions making passing Step 3 harder simply because the students taking Step 3 have been so far out from their study of the basic science topics.

Click on the link Below to Review USMLE Step 3 Changes on FSMB Website:


CCS portion of the Exam remains unchanged for now except for some software changes and the number of CCS cases! If you are struggling with managing Computerized Cases and would like to have your approach analyzed or simply feel lost when it comes to dealing with CCS, BEST USMLE TUTOR would like to help!

All these changes are being made in order to make the USMLE Step 3 more realistic and to make this exam a better predictor of your success in the Litigation filled Practice of Medicine. These changes are being made in your and your patient's Best Interests.

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