If you are struggling with USMLE Step 1 Preparation or have failed USMLE Step 1 and are planning to Retake USMLE Step 1, Please Read Our USMLE Step 1 Student Testimonials below:

-M from Washington

Dr. Malik is very knowledgeable and has a unique way of teaching medicine. Unfortunately I was not able to spend more time studying with him, but the guidance and time he spent, links he provided for me, I am very greatful. I would recommend him to anyone for further coaching, and he is a great motivator! Thank you Dr. Malik!!! 

-M from Florida

Dr. Harish has both a plethora of knowledge as well as an extensive ability to break down difficult concepts and present them in a clear concise manner that is easier to retain. He integrates humor, stories, life lessons and ideology to provide a personal understanding of medicine. Dr. Harish has rejuvenated my passion for wanting to learn medicine.

-A from Indiana

Dr. Malik is the best medical teacher a student can have!!! He gave me a free 2 hour session and not only pointed out my mistakes but also taught me how to not do these mistakes again. Since it was a free session I wasn't expecting much but I was amazed by the amount of details he provided on how I should be studying and also gave me a lot of useful free material. He has tremendous amount of knowledge and it's very generous of him to share that knowledge even in his free sessions. I absolutely recommend him to any medical student. thank you so much Dr. Malik for all your help and support.

-Kyle Dijon Hill from Houston

I was looking at several forums about USMLE Step 1, and I came across comments about Dr. Malik and his review program. Consequently I messaged him via his website, and in less than 5 minutes, I received a reply. A few days later we spoke on the phone, and I have to say, it was a wonderful experience. Dr. Malik is genuinely a kind sole. He took his time to listen, and advice me without limiting our conversation. In addition, he remained in contact with me, while sending me links to various sites which he recommended to review. THANK YOU DR. MALIK for all your help.

-Asma from Ohio

Dr. Malik may seem a bit intimidating at first. But after a few sessions, you’ll realize just how insightful and helpful he is. My fiance and I took a three-week course with him and met about every morning for a few hours prior to our exam. He guided our studying so that we covered high yield material and avoided miscellaneous information that students can easily get trapped in. He knew all testable material on various topics and learning from him really helped instill key concepts. Most of our tutoring was in the form of question review. We would go over questions we were stuck on, confused about or answered incorrectly. This was key in our score improvement. Both our scores increased by about 25-30 points in only three weeks. This is because Dr. Malik walked us through each question and taught us how to interpret each vignette. It helped to bridge the gap between the information we were learning in First Aid and Pathoma and the application of that information in test format. I highly recommend Dr. Malik because of his extensive knowledge of the exam, his simple explanations for complicated material, his vignette reviews and his ability to develop personalized study plans based on the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. He offers honest evaluations, critiques and advise and does not sugar coat his expectations for your exam performance, which was helpful in deciding our exam dates. Overall, I am really grateful for having him as a tutor. It would not have been possible to get that score without his help! 

 -Maria from Texas

I would not have passed USMLE Step 1 in the two months that I had left if it weren't for Dr. Malik! When I contacted him, I had already been studying for Step 1 for eight months and my med school only allowed me two more months to pass. I already had one previous attempt and was very nervous about what resources I should use. I was so blessed to stumble across Dr. Malik's Website because he gave me not only the confidence I needed to boost my score but also the foundation that I was lacking. He provided with many clinical pearls and helped me build a stronger foundation for the pathophysiology of highly tested subjects. In addition to passing Step 1, I feel more confident about approaching third year because  not only did he help me understand medicine he taught me to see it in a different light and fall in love with medicine all over again. Dr Malik's passion for medicine reflects during his lectures. He is also very humble and caring and enjoys seeing his students succeed. Thank you Dr. Malik! You're truly amazing! For anyone who has tried it all and is struggling on any step, I would highly recommend him, it will be worth your time! I can't wait to prepare for Step 2 with him!

- C from Antigua & Barbuda 

Dr. Malik is very knowledgeable, and explains concepts very well. He is so willing to help and helps me grasp concepts easily and fast. He has a way of explaining basic concepts that is unique and unforgettable. He is worth the time.

 -Y from Texas

As someone who needed more help when studying, I found Dr. Malik to be the right person for USMLE Step. He gave me a good foundation before moving on to questions. Dr. Malik is super knowledgeable and knows why each answer is either incorrect or correct. Studying for USMLE Steps is not an overall easy process but atleast with Dr. Malik, the journey is a tad bit smoother!

-K from Missouri

To this point, I've only spent approximately 3 1/2 hours with Dr. Malik but am extremely committed to using his tutorial program to help me achieve successful completion of USMLE Steps. His kindness and generosity of his time has shown me I need to reintroduce myself to the very basics of medicine. I am currently studying numerous links he has provided, free of charge, helping me grasp the strongest of building blocks on which I may construct a concrete foundation of all of medicine. I eagerly await my continued studies with Dr. Malik and would strongly recommend Dr. Malik to all those attempting USMLE step examinations. I plan on providing continued updates on this forum to help those interested in this program to understand it's value.


  1. Dr. Malik is caring, honest and passionate about the medical field. He is open to share his knowledge and guidance to other doctors so they can serve and treat patients with true knowledge.
    I found his website online and hesitantly called but I didn't leave a message. He called me back right away and as soon as I started my conversation with him, I felt his dedication and sincerity about teaching the simplest and most effective steps to pass USMLE successfully. I highly recommend Dr. Malik to all students and medical graduates, who are trying to ace USMLE in their first attempt.


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