If you are struggling with USMLE Step 2 CK Preparation or have failed USMLE Step 2 CK and are planning to Retake USMLE Step 2 CK, Please Read Our USMLE Step 2 CK Student Testimonials below:

-F.J. from Virginia

Dr. Harish Malik , who is providing online USMLE tutoring, is really caring, honest and passionate about medical field and sharing his knowledge and guidance to other doctors, so they could be able to serve and treat patients with real knowledge. He provide FREE session to give you an idea how to prepare for success.

I found his web site online and hesitantly called but I didn't leave a message. He called me back right away and as soon as I started my conversation with him, I realized and felt his care and seriousness about his teaching and guidance and the best simple steps to leads us to pass USMLE successfully with confidence and better knowledge.

After only one FREE session with him I feel really motivated and found the easiest way to study for success. I really recommend Dr. Malik to all of the students and medical graduates, who are trying to ace USMLE in first attempt.

-Ekta from New York

Hi, I accidentally came across Dr. Malik’s website when I was studying to take the USMLE Step 2 for the second time. I have severe test anxiety and it prevented me from taking the step 2. I wanted a coach, someone to teach me test taking strategies and not to memorize every detail. That is when I decided to just browse over my options of a tutor/coach for this exam. Dr. Malik was the right accident that happened at the right time. He was a blessing from God, I called him just to ask questions about the cost. I wasn’t planning on starting with him, but he convinced me to do a free session, so I took his offer. I chose to learn about EKG’s and I was extremely surprised at the amount of knowledge he shared with me in one hour. This man clearly knows everything about medicine!!!! He knows anything & everything. He follows the latest guidelines and will teach you the skills to learn everything you should know. He is kind, patient and became a friend because he really cared about my progress. He didn't just skip something because I didn't feel comfortable, he sat there and explained until I understood it thoroughly. He taught be bio-stats in 1.5 days and I will never forget it. He will walk you through every question and get you to think just like him. I was shocked at how easy he makes things appear. He has turned my life around.. he got me an incredible score and improved it by 45 points, it’s unbelievable.

He has tactics and techniques that all physicians should know. He will tell you how to train your brain because he has the skills and resources to get you there. I promise, when you see all the resources he has to offer you will start realizing USMLE is really not that difficult. Everyone should know where the USMLE info is coming from and equips you for your future. He taught me where to get the information and how to interpret the information. He taught me to let my mind take the test, instead of me trying to control it. His guidance is what made it possible for me to stand again with pride. I’m thankful to have met someone who is so humble and caring. He deserves way more appreciations then what he gets!!! In the beginning he had told me that he can get me a high score and like others, I doubted him but I needed the help so I started studying with him. He saw something in me that I couldn't even begin to see and he believed in me. He encouraged me in the times of needs and told me to keep moving forward. I followed his instructions very diligently and precisely. I did every single practice exam he asked me to do and soon I saw a trend… on the real exam, I could guess where the question is going 9/10 times so I never changed an answer and went with whatever choice my brain picked first, as instructed by Dr. Malik.

I let my subconscious mind take the real exam without consciously controlling… Dr. Malik was absolutely correct about it and I got a score that’s unbelievable!!!For any student to do well he or she must have complete faith in his master and that was my motto! If I’m going to pay him, I’m going to trust him and he just held my hand until I came out of that test. Even when I took the practice NBME before the real exam, I was still doubting myself but he kept telling me just trust yourself… and consistently my score just kept increasing, even after having severe test anxiety. He trained me to think like him and I was able to finish all the questions on time with even some time to spare. He will train you, as long as you trust him. He has been nothing but a blessing and I can’t wait to start step 3 studying with him, which I plan to take in the next 2 months. It was money well spent because no Kaplan or any other review can offer what Dr. Malik can offer, I can guarantee this!!! Thank you Dr. Malik.. you are absolutely the best!!!!!!!!!

-S from Illinois

Dr. Malik is an excellent tutor for USMLE Step 2 CK. I was skeptical at first because his approach was like something i have never done before. He wants you to have a good understanding of the medical terms and has a plethora of links to help you learn. This was a strategy I have never done before, but I am glad I did. Once I built trust in Dr. Malik, and did exactly what he wanted me to do, I started to realize how easy studying could be. Suddenly, I was reading and understanding questions completely differently and the material made more sense. Before I would finish the question I knew what they were looking for right away. He pushes you everyday, and while intimidating at first, I felt like he really wanted you to learn and do better. I started to look forward to seeing him everyday. Dr. Malik made me do hundreds of questions at one point, and I would look at them a week later before we reviewed them, I noticed myself catching my old mistakes instantly. I approached each question differently thanks to him. My NBME score went from 190 to 229 in just 4 weeks. I would have never passed this exam without his help and I look forward to working with him for USMLE Step 3.

-Megan from Dallas

Dr. Malik is very knowledgeable, and I am impressed with his proficiency and advent of simplifying medicine. I will continue to come back to him for help with the rest of my USMLE exams moving forward. He is a great tutor and a great investment in your future. Harish has a unique approach, and the experience is worth more than what he charges. I highly recommend him !!!!!!

-C from Vermont

I was looking for a tutor to help me ace the Step 2 CK and found Dr. Malik's Website. The Free 2 Hour session was very helpful and resourseful. Dr. Malik takes you back to the very basics which is very important to understanding the questions being asked on the Boards. I found him very knowledgeable and dedicated to what he does. Thank you Dr. Malik for all your support!

-J from Peru

I think what distinguishes a good tutor from an excellent one is the commitment to his students. From Dr. Harish Malik, I not only received a comprehensive review of topics and questions, but a targeted support based on my strengths and weaknesses. He shares valuable resources and strategies that will help you maximize your abilities. We all know how important is to get a high score on Step 2 CK to secure a competitive residency spot. If you are willing to invest in the effort, Dr. Malik will definitely help you and provide the additional push that is often needed.

-B from NY

I found out about Dr. Malik 1 week before my USMLE Step 2 CK exam. I needed some guidance on tips and strategies as I was baffled about my NBME score vs my USMLE World Self Assessment scores. He was very supportive and super helpful. He even spoke to me on Skype for 3 hours free of charge discussing how to approach questions, giving me thoughtful insight of the most basic concepts and doing some questions and listening to heart sounds audio. He shared with me many valuable resources. I really wish I had known him 2 years ago when he used to run group studies hence the cost and motivation. Dr. Malik is very kind and knowledgeable and I look forward to ask for few sessions for Step 3. Being an IMG on a very tight budget is a minus for me, Dr. Malik is trust-able and can save a lot of time and energy; if anyone one is willing to form group study would be great.

-CT from Florida

I wasn't completely thrilled with the idea of doing online tutoring and a full online course. I didn't know what to expect. A friend of mine introduced me to Dr. Malik and after the first online meeting I knew that taking his course was the right direction to get past my exam. I studied for 9 months the first time with CK and was unsuccessful. I knew I needed this help. After the first class and tutor session I was sure I made the right choice and to continue. Dr. Malik changed the way I viewed questions and medicine as a whole. He's the reason I am able to apply for residency this year. He not only taught me medicine, but the background and foundation to medicine. He took his time and made sure I understood concepts. Thank you for everything Dr. Malik. I look forward to working with you for Step 3 and becoming another one of your success stories.  

-Cathleen from New York

After studying for Step 2 CK on my own for about a year, I discovered I was not achieving the scores I needed to reach the passing mark. Amongst my frustration, I knew I needed additional help. I searched online for someone who could tutor me one on one and found Dr. Malik. Over 3 months, Dr. Malik has taught me more than how to pass a medical exam. He has taught me how to think like a physician, Dr. Malik's teaching style is uniquely structured. He sets the foundation and you do the work. Dr. Malik has taught me the importance of knowing medical terminology, using appropriate medical resources to study, and to think outside the box. He is a reputable professional who stays up to date with current medicine. I am truly grateful for all the time, energy, and commitment you have given me to make me successful on Step 2 and beyond.

-Ashley from NYC

I literally googled Dr. Malik and didn't know what to expect. I took a leap of faith because I knew I needed help getting through this exam. I was initially unimpressed by his teaching style because it's like nothing I have ever seen before but as it turns out, it may be the reason why I scored so high on the actual exam. I truly believe that I have Dr. Malik to thank for enhancing my medical terminology, for teaching me how to dissect the clinical vignette and most importantly how to figure out what the exam writer is trying to tell us. Those 3 aspects of the review course will prepare any dedicated medical student to pass the USMLE and to do it with confidence! I am forever grateful for the knowledge you instilled in me Dr. Malik, thank you!!

-Carl from Chicago

"Best USMLE Tutor" truly is an understatement. I am a student whom failed step 2 CK multiple times and I nearly gave up all hope. Then a friend of mine told me about Dr. Malik and how he helped him achieve a passing score on step 2. Honestly at first I was very skeptical, I just thought for one this is probably some scam artist and my friend merely got lucky and would've passed on his own the next time around and two I'm probably beyond help anyway. Nonetheless, I figured it couldn't hurt to at least use his free first session. Let me tell you, that was by far the smartest and best decision I have ever made in my life. After that first call, I knew Dr. Malik was indeed legit. I mean he knows his stuff. He is well informed on current medical issues and he knows just how to teach and explain the material. He is thorough, honest, very professional and straight forward. Unfortunately due to my financial limitations, I was only able to work with him very sporadically (5 sessions at most), but my score went from a 175 to a you be the judge. But believe you me, if one is serious and truly wants to pass their exam, do yourself, your wallet, and your medical career a favor and give this man a call, TRUST ME!!!! Thank you very much Dr. Malik for all your help, I look forward to working with you soon on USMLE Step 3!


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