If you are struggling with USMLE Step 3 Preparation or have failed USMLE Step 3 and are planning to Retake USMLE Step 3, Please Read Our USMLE Step 3 Student Testimonials below:

-Taj from California 

After multiple attempts at Step 3, and brink of non-renewal of contract, I decided it was time to get some help (as re-reading MTB, first aid, re doing qbank questions was not helping). I came across many tutoring services for step 3, and even had sessions before choosing the right tutor. I chose Dr. Malik based on the following: live one on one course with extensive and thorough feedback. He has a methodical approach to understanding basic science concepts and correlation, understanding and identifying weak areas and how to calmly and effectively pass the exam. Don't get me wrong, you have to do the homework and study on your own, in order for this to be fruitful but his is teaching style is different than other tutoring services. During the time I was with him, I had my moments of being a weak link but he was there to provide moral support and reiterate the end goal (which is to pass the USMLE). His moral support was an uplifting factor and helped me to gain confidence day by day. Up until the exam date, he was supporting me and making sure I stayed focused to pass the exam. He not only helps to drill concepts into your head but he also takes the time to explain the details that we often overlook (and those are usually tested!!). The time, effort and money is well spent! If anyone is in the same boat as me, then contact Dr. Malik asap. I took my step 3 and finally passed this time with flying colors (scored 30 points above my nbme exam) and I highly recommend his services. Thank you, Dr. Malik.

-N.S, from NY

I finished my psychiatry residency in July 2017 but was not able to pass the step 3. I felt so humiliated in front of my classmates while they were taking about their new jobs. I was traumatized, emotionally disturbed that started affecting my family happiness. When we go out for dinner we didn’t enjoy it, Always felt a burden. I tried myself so hard to pass this exam. I even sent my 4 years son back to my country hoping that I will be able to focus and will be done with my exam. I enrolled Kaplan course. But none of it worked. I had three attempt and my score was trending down with each attempt despite putting wholehearted effort. I was alarmed when my score in third attempt was 167. I never had such horrible score in my life. Then I realized that I needed some help. I googled and found Dr. Malik website. I spoke with Dr. Malik. After speaking to Dr. Malik I realized that I was not preparing the right material. I was just putting my effort. 

He is indeed a great tutor. He genuinely wants to help people like us. He is extremely knowledgeable and explains thing in a simple way. He teaches how to approach the question. When I went for the exam. First time in my life I enjoyed the exam. I got my result on August 9th and I passed and got 203. It was huge improvement from 167 to 203 and all the credit goes to him. I do strongly believe that god comes in a form of a person. For me he is the god who helped me in the worst phase of my life. For 4 years I never saw a light in the tunnel and Dr. Malik not only helped me to see the light but to cross the tunnel. I honestly don’t have words to thank him for all the support educationally and emotionally. The money that I spent is nothing compared to the relief that I have in my life now. And the credit goes entirely to Dr. Malik, thank you. Please free to contact me should you have further questions. 

-P.S, from NY

I was desperate, literally. I had failed to pass my USMLE Step 3 exam on multiple trials, lost my job, even after completing my residency in psychiatry and child psychiatry fellowship. I didn't know what to do, but I am Buddhist and firm believer that things happen for a reason and people are brought into our lives for a reason. I did a google search for tutors, as I felt that it was my only option I had left. I had nothing to lose at this point, so I called him. Dr. Malik, I think after hearing my story was skeptical as well if I could pass this exam, as the odds were against me. However, after we talked for a bit, I think he heard in my voice, my determination not to give up. So he invested his time in me and I invested my life in learning from him. It was not an easy road, it was a challenge being so far removed from general medicine for so long but that's what makes us passionate about medicine. Dr. Malik not only helped me with knowledge portion of the exam, I think the biggest challenge to passing the exam was my own fear and anxiety about "what if". He truly helped me work through my fears. We had completed all of the questions and lessons and I just had to sit down meditate and let all my worries go and just do what my mind told me to do. I took the exam and for the first time, I sat there not a nervous nelly, but very calm and centered, knowing that I did all I could do and that I have a lot of people who believe in me and support me. And as I waited for months for the results, they finally came in with a PASS!!! I conquered the odds, and I have Dr. Malik to thank for believing in me, for helping me remember what my passion is and how all the hard work is worth it in in the end. He came into my life for a very good reason, and has taught me countless lessons not only about medicine but about life. Thank you, Dr.Malik!!

-P from NY

Dr. Malik was recommended to me by a friend after I needed help passing USMLE Step 3 while balancing the busy schedule of residency. His experiences with tutoring students with all types of stories and backgrounds help him understand where you are coming from. He utilizes the NBME practice materials as the main source of assessment and teaching. Dr. Malik's medical knowledge is outstanding and very well rounded. I felt that way from the first session I had with him. He does a great job at breaking things down, and has a really strong foundation of essential concepts of medicine, many of which are the things we learned many years ago and have trouble with. He is very familiar with USMLE questions, patterns,         and what type of things they focus on and continue to expect us to know. He stays up to date on everything including screening guidelines which is very important for USMLE Step 3. For me, working with him helped me increase my USMLE Step 3 score significantly after just 3 weeks. He went over a lot of foundations of independent practice material because that's what I struggled with more. He is good at identifying and focusing on your weakness. He was supportive, dedicated, and driven to helping me succeed at a really difficult time when my back was against the wall and I needed help. I am helpful to him for giving me the push I needed to pass my test.    

-K from Baltimore 

Dr. Malik is an outstanding tutor. He is very knowledgeable about the USMLE and its core content. I think to really master the exam, you need someone to identify key aspects of the question stem and identify what the examiner is looking for in the question. The reality is that its not always what you know when it comes to standardized exams, its more of how you apply what you know. In this regards Dr.  Malik is one of the best and should be commended. He was an instrumental part in my success, and I would consistently recommend him for future students. He is hands down outstanding.

-L from California

Dr. Malik helped me prepare for Step 2 CK and Step 3. He went over the materials thoroughly with me and he personalized his teachings to focus on my individual weaknesses. He was also very encouraging and accommodating as the schedule of a resident were unpredictable. Very thankful he was there both times! Highly recommended if you are struggling with the Steps! 

-J from TEXAS

My Psychiatry residency was put on hold until I could pass Step 3. After multiple failed attempts I passed in April 2015 with Dr. Malik's help. Initially, I was reluctant to pay for his tutoring services but I had to do something to change up the way I was studying that wasn't working.

Previously, I studied all the review methods (Kaplan, Uworld, DIT, MTB, etc). I knew the material but I was going about each question the wrong way. Dr. Malik provided insight and provided tips to approach each question in a more strategic thought process. We went through multiple practice tests and day by day, week by week my practice scores improved dramatically in the short time frame of 1 month. Dr. Malik truly cares about his students and will work with you one on one or in a group setting to prepare for Step 3.   

I highly recommend Dr. Malik’s tutoring services for anyone preparing for their USMLE tests to boost their score and do what it takes to pass.

- L from Philadelphia

After working with Dr. Malik I was able to reach my goal after straddling the passing score for some time. He helped me understand questions and reviewed my weaker subjects. He was very encouraging and I couldn't have beaten the exam without his help! 

-RS from Philadelphia 

I HIGHLY recommend Harish Malik and have since referred him to many of my friends.  About me: US grad, Step 1=203, Step 2= 231 (after failing it twice).  After failing step 2, I took a 6 week Kaplan Course, and then took a practice test several weeks later that I still failed.  Determined to try something new, I turned to Harish Malik.  After working with him for 3-4 weeks, I got at 237 on my practice test. No joke. 

I found him on google, we had a short free session on video chat where he went through a few questions with me, and I was hooked. Why is he so good? He is insanely astute and can identify and target your weakness.  Focusing on your weakness is the best way to see significant improvement.

Still not sure about him? Yes, not many people have heard of him, and yes it’s easier to go with the main stream Kaplan/DIT etc.  But for those really looking to improve your score, especially if your previous studies haven’t proven fruitful, you NEED someone like Harish. Period.  Ask him for my contact info if you want to know more.

-Arvi from California 

I am very thankful to Dr Malik for his dedicated support and guidance for Step 3 preparation. I was devastated after my unsuccessful attempts in step 3 and being in residency it was becoming hard to focus on studying and step 3 prep. I had less than 2 months to prepare before my next attempt (possibly my last) and decided to get Dr. Malik's help at the last minute. Dr. Malik encouraged me each day and helped me cover a lot of study material especially multiple blocks of questions each day with him persistently. He motivated me and continued to share words of motivation just to ensure that I give my best. I was on of the first ones to prepare for the recently changed & updated step 3 examination with him. In order to prepare for the new exam format I did NBME's for step 1, 2 and of course revised step 3, did u-world twice again and then first-aid. I was improving my scores on u-world. Also just in 2 weeks of studying with him I gave my in-training exam and scored highest. Sincerely, I would not have cleared step 3 without Dr. Malik's help and guidance. I wish I knew him earlier and would have a lot better scores on all my USMLE exams.

I am now happily pursuing my residency because Dr. Malik helped and supported me in my difficult times. I highly recommend Dr. Malik and will recommend him to anyone who         wants to clear USMLE on the first go and with excellent results.

-S from Georgia

I googled step 3 help and found Dr Malik website and I called him and he literally started to help me from day one. I failed step 3 twice in residency due to less time to study. Dr. Malik gave me the confidence and pointed out my mistakes and built a lot of confidence. He was able to pinpoint my areas of weakness and helped me through them. The classes for me were basically MCQs, and clarification of the various concepts wherever I was wrong. He is very knowledgeable. He also motivated me to overcome my anxiety of the exam. Thanks to Dr. Malik for his sincerity and loyalty. I would not pass this exam without his help. I would recommend his help.

-M from NJ

After one failed attempt at USMLE  Step 3 and just finishing up my residency, I was at a loss. My life was at a stand still until I completed this exam. I was already at a unique disadvantage. As a psychiatry resident, our training left us all with much less training in straight medicine, less than a year. The bulk of our training was solely focused on psychiatry. I had already tried the typical referrals of Kaplan, and Master the Boards. Obviously these weren't enough to supplement the pockets of information I did not receive by specializing. I didn't know where else to turn...

In my desperation, I knew I had to do something different. I did some online research looking for a tutor. That was when I found Dr. Malik. At first, I was skeptical, as I didn't know anyone that had taken his course. However, he was prompt to alleviate all of my concerns and questions. He even provided a free introductory session to show me a preview. I decided to sign up.Within one month, I already KNEW I was on my way. Classes were great and supportive. Dr. Malik gave me all the tools that I needed and was lacking in order to pass Step 3. He even provided individual assessments of my weaknesses and strengths in order for me to progress. I actually had FUN in the process and had structure and a schedule counting down to exam day.To sum it up, Dr. Malik was RIGHT ON THE MARK , focusing on high yield topics. I HIGHLY recommend using his services for this exam. Thank you, Dr. Malik! I can now move on to attending status!! Step 3 is a special exam, much different than the other USMLE exams and really needs more than what the other services provide. If I had to start over again, I would bypass the other material and courses and only use Dr. Malik. I HIGHLY recommend using his services for USMLE Step 3.

-RE from Texas

A friend introduced Dr. Malik to me after I had failed USMLE Step 3. I was under time constraint to take up the exam as soon as possible. Dr. Malik helped me to prepare for the exam in ‘less than a month’. He was able to pinpoint my areas of weakness and helped me through them. The tutoring classes for me were basically MCQs, and clarification of the various concepts wherever I was wrong. He is very knowledgeable. He also makes a sincere effort to know his student. The classes were friendly, stress free and pleasant. He also motivated me to overcome my anxiety of the exam. He got me ready in just a few weeks. Oh yeah! I did get a good score. Thanks to Dr. Malik for his sincerity and loyalty toward his students.

-Anna from Illinois

Dr. Harish helped guide my thinking on concepts that I had trouble with, and also taught me many techniques for long-term retention for Step 3. This was the first time that I was taking the exam, and had finished medical school and my last USMLE exam more than 1 year ago, but I was not yet in residency. I felt overwhelmed studying for this exam on my own, as I did not even know how to write orders, but after being tutored by Dr. Harish, I felt confident that I would surely pass, at the very least! He does not provide any shortcuts or answers, but cuts the amount of studying that needs to be done on your own instead, due to how he is able to connect different topics. He expects you to study at least 6 hours each day, at the minimum, but motivates you to keep working harder. I honestly enjoyed studying, while I was being mentored by him! He tailors his tutoring style to each student--something I did not understand at first, after speaking with previous students of his, before I began my tutoring--and discussed the material with me at a slower pace, but in hindsight, that helped me understand everything more thoroughly. I am indebted to Dr. Harish for his immense patience, incredible knowledge, and caring nature in helping me through Step 3, during a stressful period of my life, and I am going to tell anybody I come across that might be struggling with test-taking about him (especially since he can tutor on various subjects and exams). The biggest regret I have is that I wish I had known about him earlier and had started tutoring with him from USMLE Step 1 onwards, to USMLE Step 2 CK, and through USMLE Step 3, along with CS and CCS, if necessary! Thank you for everything, Dr. Harish--you are an exceptional teacher and person. 


-Ike from Georgia

When I was a few weeks away from taking my USMLE Step 3 on my own, I felt extremely comfortable going into the exam because I had been studying for two and a half months on my own and doing hundreds of questions a day. I felt taking one of the NBME practice exams for the USMLE Step 3 was a mere formality. After taking my NBME I was in shock and went numb when I saw my score(embarrassed to say it was a 310-a 165 actual USMLE score). That night I immediately started to look for help just about everywhere I could get it. I felt taking a course would be redundant because they would repeating much of the information I already knew and would be counterproductive due to their inability to help my needs in regards to Step 1 (didn't use any course for Step 2). I saw 3 other people online similar to Dr. Malik that I spoke to over       the phone. I chose Dr. Malik because of the understanding he gave me in terms of analytical thinking in just an hour of conversation. His concepts were very different and detailed from anyone I have come across. I had a choice of either using SKYPE because I live in Atlanta or traveling to       Washington D.C. for two months to get more personal one-on-one time. Once I decided on Washington D.C., I was tutored by Dr. Malik for the next two months. I took an NBME exam before my exam and got a 480 (213 actual USMLE score). Dr. Malik made me realize that I knew plenty of information but my way of analytical thinking needed to change if I wanted to pass Step 3. I strongly suggest that anyone who needs help with the USMLE Steps 1,2, or 3 use Dr. Malik. It will change your life.


 -Bella from Maryland

Dear friends,

I failed USMLE Step 3 twice. I finally found the best usmle tutor, Dr. Malik and with his help, I was able to pass my step 3. I liked his style of teaching and he was very patient with me and I asked him as many questions I had and clarified my concepts. The most important thing I would say is that I learned how to think on the USMLE Step 3 in the analytical questions. It's no longer about memorization and recall, they are testing  your analytical skills and ability to apply your clinical knowledge. He motivated me, gave me the updated clinical knowledge and got me ready for my Step 3 in 2 months.

If you have difficulties with preparation for Step 3 or any other USMLE Steps, please contact him without wasting any more of your precious time.

The one to one approach, and very exam oriented approach and his peculiar style of approaching Step 3 MCQs and CCS approach will help you pass your Step 3 just like it helped me.

Thank you Dr. Malik for all your help.

- Natalie fom Washington, DC

I studied with Dr. Malik for 2 months for my USMLE Step 3, and I just found out that I passed...and I got a great score. He is an amazing tutor. He would continue to motivate me with his texts. His knowledge base is so great. He not only helped me study, he also showed me how to love what I'm studying, so it wouldn't be a chore. I had failed my first exam and was quite upset. But he totally turned that around with consistency and motivation. I will recommend Dr. Malik to all my friends.

- R. F. from Florida

Dr. Malik is a very focused tutor. His support and guidance pushed me to strive for my target score. In addition to the support he provided, the knowledge and skill of Dr. Malik is unparalleled. He is a great teacher. I saw an improvement in just one session as I went from scoring 46% to 66% on UWorld after incorporating his unique testing strategy.  I would recommend his tutoring service to students prepping for their USMLEs – it will improve one’s knowledge, confidence, and test-taking abilities.