Free Weekend Live Online USMLE Skill Building Session

Welcome to our Weekend Live Online USMLE Skill Building session for those medical students and doctors who are planning to take USMLE Steps 1, 2CK, 2CS or Step 3.

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If you are in need for our Best Individual Live Online One-on-One Face to Face USMLE Tutoring with Dr. Malik.

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Why Free USMLE Skill Development Sessions?

1) Best things in life should be Free!
2) Give Back Holiday Spirit @Bestusmletutor.
3) Spread the Mad USMLE Question Answering Skills.

For those lucky few student's who will be able to use BESTUSMLETUTOR for their USMLE Steps 1,2 & 3 preparation, here are some details...

A Brief Description of Study plan for USMLE Tutoring for USMLE Steps 1, 2 and 3 for those students who plan to do a 5 or 6 week Live Online One-on-One USMLE Tutoring Review follows:

(Actual Study plan will be discussed during the initial meeting and will vary based upon student timeline, budget, expectations as well as prior USMLE/ NBME Self Assessment experience such as unsuccessful attempts or low NBME Self Assessment Scores to name a few).

Week 1) Integration, Interpretation, Visualization of clinical scenarios while improving Skill Building by focusing on Vocabulary and Fundamental Principles of Energy and mater in the generation of human health and disease. Tools to improve Focus, Motivation and Healthy Study habits will be provided to you. Most common misconceptions and misunderstandings will be tested and rectified as well.

Week 2) Fun and focused Live Online Demonstration of Clinical Vignettes Visualizations for Neurology, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Medicine, Ob/Gyn, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Surgery. Testing for Clinical Vignette Interpretation Skills development and insight and review of mistakes will be provided per student selection.

* During Week 1 and 2 Student will be given daily assignments as well as will be expected to review all class notes daily and finish reading the recommended Review book!

Week 3) and Week 4) Will require the student to do 8 blocks of 40 questions in random Testing timed mode daily. During the daily Online Adaptive USMLE Tutoring Sessions we will review selected mistakes to improve student knowledge, enhance understanding of core concepts tested on USMLE Steps reinforcement of question answering skills including Stamina and focus! 

* Building Speed and Stamina during this time while maintaining focus and flexibility for long periods of time is as much if not more important that the correct knowledge and understanding of the subject mater tested on USMLE Steps.

Week 5) and if needed Week 6) Biostatistics and CCS (Only for USMLE Step 3 students) and Practice NBMEs and other Self Assessment Exams as well as discussion of incorrectly answered questions to reinforce core concepts and skills before the actual USMLE Step!

Thank you for all your support and encouragement!

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes!

Best USMLE Tutor