Choosing the Best Online USMLE Tutor for Steps 1, 2 CK and 3.

Choosing the Best Online USMLE Tutor for One-on-One USMLE Tutoring should not be left to chance!

You should try several USMLE tutors and ask a lot of questions before selecting the right tutor that would be best suited to your needs, budget and timeline.

The USMLE tutor that you decide to go with must possess the ability to make the most intimidating and poorly understood medical concepts seem easier, come to life and become memorable for you!

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Best USMLE tutor is well equipped to help a dedicated and focused student to stay motivated, gain stamina, speed, knowledge and skills needed to ace USMLE Steps!

Some of our unique USMLE tutoring qualities that make us the Best choice for many Medical Students and Doctors preparing for USMLE Steps are highlighted below:

From day one with Best USMLE Tutor, our focus will be assessing the thought processes that you use in answering USMLE style Clinical Vignettes, correcting your flawed understandings, and retraining you to quickly get to the correct answer using information that you already possess while removing misunderstandings and strengthening proper understanding of materials covered by USMLE syllabus.

During your Online USMLE Tutoring sessions, we will use humor, stories, life lessons and ideology to provide you with a personalized understanding of the Clinical Scenarios and Medical concepts, scenarios, conditions and procedures.

The three aspects of our focus during the course of your USMLE Tutoring that have helped our prior USMLE Preparation students excel on their USMLE Exams and also sets us apart from all other USMLE tutors out there are:

1) Helping you tremendously with building your Medical Vocabulary pertaining to Medical word parts, medical numbers, medical images and sounds pertaining to medicine in order to make you a better independent learner!

2) Teach you how to dissect the Clinical Vignettes found on USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 CK and USMLE Step 3 and prepare you for 13 CCS Cases found on the USMLE Step 3.

3) Most importantly teach you how to figure out what the exam writer is trying to tell you by greatly enhancing your way of analytical thinking needed to change in order to Ace your USMLE Steps!

Our USMLE Tutoring will help you see how and where the questions are leading you. This is a skill not taught in Medical schools nor at any other Tutoring program. You can know the DDx very well and still miss the question. We will teach you how to see the patterns by walking you through hundreds of questions and help you bridge the gap between the information that you will be learning in various guide books such as First Aid among others and application of that information in test format.

Through our immense experience with all student types, we will help you develop a personalized adaptive study plan for your USMLE Steps based upon your individual strengths and weaknesses. We will offer our honest evaluations, critiques and advice and not sugarcoat our expectations for your exam performance, whil will help you in choosing your exam date.

You will appreciate our USMLE Tutoring methods because we use real-world analogies to help you understand and then remember different pathophysiological disease processes eliminating the need to cram everything. Because of the way we will be explaining medical phenomenon, you will be able to answer more USMLE questions intuitively with your "reflex" instead of wasting precious time and stop arguing and debating with yourself to pick the correct answers with ease. This has been a huge part of how our USMLE Students who had previously struggled to finish the blocks on time were able to cut down on their time while increasing their accuracy when answering questions on their USMLE Steps.

A lot of USMLE Preparation students find the breadth and details of the medical knowledge needed to excel on USMLE Students very intimidating, outright scary for some and anxiety provoking for almost everyone. In order to help reduce your anxiety and fear pertaining to the USMLE syllabus and to help you see the similarities between different Medical Specialties, organ systems, we will help you identify overarching concepts by making useful connections and analogies from real life examples. We will help you integrate your medical knowledge by using basic physical and chemical principles (such as gravity, frequency, light, elasticity, oxidation, reduction, etc.) that apply across all situations and all systems through health as well as disease. 

Understanding of these overarching concepts will not only just apply to USMLE questions, but also to practice of medicine and understanding the very nature of everything! This will really help you to memorize much less, understand a great deal more, and actually help you enjoy studying Medicine. All tutors know a lot of facts tested on USMLE Steps 1, 2 CK and Step 3, but here at Best USMLE Tutor we are uniquely able to help medical students and doctors make overarching themes and apply principles universally which will help increase your USMLE score as well as help cut down the duration of your USMLE Preparation and thereby help you retain more information on your USMLE Exam day at the prometric center.

Within just a couple of USMLE Tutoring sessions, an intelligent medical student like yourself will start looking at these concepts in a whole new way, and begin to realize how obvious the answers to USMLE questions could become if only you just interpret these questions like we will be teaching you to and apply the correct principles.

We are the Best USMLE Tutor because we work on your mind which controls your body and brain by helping you become the very Best medical student version of yourself. We will help you relentlessly push well beyond your imaginary boundaries that are holding you back and help you build stamina, knowledge, skills, boost your confidence and deepen your Medical understanding while keeping you entertained and motivated. 

Over the years, we have worked with several hundred medical students and doctors such as yourself with varied USMLE needs and budgets. Our USMLE Tutoring helped these students not only see the light at the end of the USMLE tunnel but helped them cross the tunnel and finish their USMLE journeys once and for all and move on to bigger and better things in life such as the actual practice of Medicine and be successful Doctors!  

We offer a Free USMLE Tutoring Session to all new students and provide several student references and encourage them to get in touch with our previous USMLE students to get a better sense of what our students go through and experience while using BEST USMLE TUTOR'S USMLE Tutoring Services.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and helping you complete your USMLE journey so that you can move on to practicing Medicine.

Thank you and God bless!