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Best USMLE Tutor has been helping Medical Students and Doctors navigate effectively through the sea of information and misinformation available in various USMLE resources and Medical Texts, online and otherwise, by making them capable of making that distinction for themselves in order to take better care of their patients, enjoy the practice of Medicine while getting into their desired filed of study by scoring higher on their USMLE Steps. 

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Dr. Harish Malik: Best USMLE Tutor
Dr.Harish Malik

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We have been able to help several hundred USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 CK, USMLE Step 2 CS and USMLE Step 3 students over the years at various levels of preparedness for USMLE and Medicine. 

What distinguishes Best USMLE Tutor from all other USMLE Tutors is our unique ability to connect at a deeper level with medical students and doctors from highly varied backgrounds that share a common problem: Scoring high on USMLE Steps!

We are experienced in dealing with students with very limited medical knowledge along with poor test taking skills with prior failed attempts at USMLE Steps to those taking their USMLE Steps for the first time that just need help with their medical knowledge integration, motivation, exam taking and Clinical Vignette answering skills. 

Those in the former category need 2-3 months of focused guidance and dedicated 10-12 hours of studying specific materials that we recommend along with UW and NBME Self Assessments for USMLE Preparation. 

If you are in the latter category upon our assessment of your medical knowledge, we can help you improve your score withing a week to two weeks.

For those that are in between these two extremes, which is typical students, it takes on an average 4-6 weeks of preparation with us.

Unlike any other USMLE tutor or USMLE coaching or preparation program that you will find anywhere else, which there are plentiful, Best USMLE Tutor will never provide you a Guaranteed Pass or a particular Score Increase on your USMLE Step to give you false hope that money paid to us equals a higher score!

A bigger distinguishing factor, however, is that we focus heavily on building your ability to accurately comprehend, integrate and retain medical information acquired from limited specific high yield resources over a relatively short period of time while providing you tools and insights into your preparation through regular Individualized Live Interactive Online Video Sessions that will also help you improve your speed, stamina, focus and overcome disabilities such as lack of focus, dyslexia, ADHD among others through our recommended changes to your daily schedule. 

Preparation for USMLE Steps with Best USMLE Tutor is much more than just scoring high on USMLE Steps, it's about rebuilding confidence, helping you overcome your weaknesses, rekindling your love of medicine and broadening your overall horizons through learning behind the scene simplified and unified theory of life and make your USMLE journey more joyous and unforgettable.

Our visual imagery style of reading and comprehension for answering clinical vignette style USMLE questions uses two of the most popular ways to learn: first principles thinking and analogy based learning merged together.

If  you are preparing for any of the USMLE Steps and your goal is to better understand and love the simplicity of life and Medicine while also scoring high on USMLE Steps, then Best USMLE Tutor would love to assist you in reaching your goals!

If you are someone looking for a passionate mentor and coach that can help you reach your Best in your pursuit of life, medicine and USMLE, welcome to Best USMLE Tutor, where helping you reach your very Best is our ONLY purpose!

We offer a one time Free Diagnostic and Remedial Interactive Live Online Demo Session just in case you are interested in learning more about Best USMLE Tutor's USMLE Tutoring Services.

Thank you for choosing Best USMLE Tutor.

Dr. Harish Malik

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