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Why How to get to 260+ on USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK & USMLE Step 3? Find out today by scheduling your Private Online USMLE Tutoring Consultation with Dr. Malik. Watch and Subscribe to Bestusmletutor Channel on YouTube and continue reading below...

USMLE Tutoring at Best USMLE Tutor is customized to your USMLE Preparation Needs, Learning Style and adaps to your Testing timeline and Budget!

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Learn Medicine and USMLE Steps using Ancient wisdom, First Principle method, Logic and Analogies with Dr. Malik to break free from your biases to satisfy your curiosity of our human mechanism!

Learn to encode, decode, integrate, interpret and process medical words, numbers, images and sounds to bring medicine to life so that you can enjoy your USMLE Preparation as much as your other enjoyable activities!

Become the wise, passionate, focused, exemplary and polished Physician you have always wanted to be!

Master the art of language comprehension to bring USMLE question scenarios to life to better visualize the question writer's perspective and find their single best answer with ease!

Learn to manage test taking anxiety, improve your stamina, focus and skills to get to your Best on your USMLE Steps!

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