How to answer USMLE questions using what you already know?

How to answer USMLE questions using what you already know? 

Best USMLE Tutor's Dr. Harish Malik provides Free Sample below:

Breaking down the clinical vignette sentence by sentence:

1) The First Sentence breakdown- Watch the Video above and subscribe to our YouTube Channel and Read below:

      Focus on the entire sentence before drawing conclusion and use your imagination and try playing the role of everyone in the question including but not limited to the patient, family member or family members, teacher, friend, colleague or some nursing home staff member,  911 responders like the Police or the Paramedics etc. and focus on the location of the chief concern and the timeline or acuity of the situation that your patient is along with the setting such as the Physician's Office vs ER vs Inpatient vs PACU, NICU etc. Pay close attention also to the location of the chief concern/ presenting complaint such as a routine exam, a pre op workup, a follow up visit, a work physical, a well child vs a sick child or an Obstetrics visit with the GPAL mentioned... A lot can be deduced by also paying close attention to the words ''previously healthy" age and sex of the patient.

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