Free Links for USMLE Preparation

Free Links for USMLE Preparation.

Best USMLE Tutor will create a USMLE Tutoring Schedule that will fit your Budget, Timeline and Score Expectations! Free USMLE Preparation Links. Build a strong foundation during medical school with these High Yield Medical Links.

How to make the most out of your time, money and study habits while preparing for your USMLE Steps? 

Watch this BEST USMLE TUTOR's YouTube Video and the continue reading below...

Follow these easy steps to make the most out of your study time:

Build your medical vocabulary: Learn Greek and Latin prefixes, roots and suffixes pertaining to medicine found on USMLE/ CBSE/ NBME/ COMLEX/ NBOME Steps from the following two links: 

Build your pharmaceutical vocabulary found on USMLE/ CBSE/ NBME/ COMLEX/ NBOME Steps: Learn Pharmacology drug prefixes and suffixes found on USMLE Steps from the following two links:

Build your specific pharmaceutical vocabulary found on USMLE/ CBSE/ NBME/ COMLEX/ NBOME Steps: Learn about Monoclonal antibody (-mabs) nomenclature, -mibs, -nabs and -nibs from the following link:
Build your Numbers Vocabulary as it pertains to the medical school with respect to Life stages - age groups, demographics and disease burden, epidemiology, life stages and populations, family life, race, ethnicity, nationality or region (travel medicine, immigrant population etc.), disability and risk factors, injuries, deaths and mortality data, leading causes of death, Disease conditions, vital signs (adult vs pediatric vs neonatal) and their correct contextual interpretation from CDC FastStats, memorize 3 pages of normal laboratory values from sample items for Step 1, Step 2 CK and Step 3 from USMLE website and significance of increase or decrease of lab values with respect to time/duration, relevant physiology, pharmacology and biostatistics formulae: Learn the significance of numbers found in medicine and USMLE/ CBSE/ NBME/ COMLEX/ NBOME Steps from the following Links:
Build your high yield medical images vocabulary for medical school relevant images (ECGs, Radiology, Immunology, Gross Anatomy, Histology, Electron microscopy, Urine, Blood, CSF, ENT, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Gastrointestinal, Renal and Reproductive etc.) found on USMLE/ CBSE/ NBME/ COMLEX/ NBOME Steps from the following links:
Build your medical school/ medicine related high yield sound vocabulary for USMLE/CBSE/NBME/COMLEX/NBOME Steps for those questions where you have to actually listen to heart or lung sounds to reach a diagnosis or choose a management step from the following links:

Once you have Mastered the language of medicine using the above links which is critical (often overlooked by most medical students) to the enjoyment of medical school, practice of medicine as well as of extreme importance for the High Yield preparation and scoring higher on your USMLE/ CBSE/ NBME/ COMLEX/ NBOME Steps, you move on to the Next Step: 

Mastery of Medical Knowledge Integration Skills.

In order to master medical knowledge integration skills, please watch this BEST USMLE TUTOR's Video on YouTube before continuing...

After Mastering Medical Knowledge Integration, you should quickly review First Aid for USMLE Step relevant to your Step and then Get Ready to do Uworld QBank in it's entirety in less than 2 weeks and do all the relevant NBME/NBOME as well as Free USMLE/ COMLEX tutorial questions.

Watch this next BEST USMLE TUTOR's Video to get better at answering questions found on USMLE/ CBSE/ NBME/ COMLEX/ NBOME Steps before continuing...

Our Live Online USMLE Clinical Vignettes (USMLE MCQ/ questions) answering Skill Building Sessions can help you score 20-30 points higher in a matter of hours. Contact us today to learn more...

Once you are done with Standardizing your Medical Language (using all the Free USMLE links, videos and our Live USMLE Skill Building Sessions) and knowledge integration and memorization skills it's time to take a Baseline NBME/ NBOME and then pick up UWorld Qbank for Step 1, Step 2 CK or USMLE Step 3. Watch the following Best USMLE Tutor's YouTube Video about how to best use UWorld QBank during your medical school as well as your dedicated 3-6 week USMLE Preparation time right before taking your USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 CK or USMLE Step 3. 

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out. 

Good Luck on your USMLE Steps!


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