Best Private 1on1 Online USMLE Tutoring for you

Best Private 1on1 Online USMLE Tutoring for you.

Welcome to Best USMLE Tutor's live private online United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) tutoring which is available in all countries that allow Video Conferencing software use such as Skype/ Zoom.

Dr. Harish Malik | BEST USMLE TUTOR

Best USMLE Tutor has been providing adaptive one-on-one online tutoring for USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 CK and USMLE Step 3 as well as NBME Comp Exams and NBME Shelf Exams for medical students, residents and IMGs hoping to score higher.

Best USMLE Tutor's online USMLE tutoring for all USMLE Steps is truly the best in business of USMLE tutoring because of my 40 thousand plus hours of exclusive USMLE tutoring for over 10 years with students improving their scores by as much as 20 points in a few hours to 40 points in a week with Pass percentage reaching nearly 100% for first attempt students. 

For those retaking their USMLE Steps after having failed any Step, the score improvements have ranged from 20 points to 100 points in a few weeks to few months depending upon previous attempt scores and Pass percentage of about 97%.

Unlike other USMLE tutoring companies that have hired many tutors who do not have any teaching experience, I tutor all my students myself. All my students therefore get the same highest standand of teaching expertise that helps them understand medicine at a depth requisite for mastering high yield USMLE preparation resourses such as but not limited to First Aid, Master the Boards, Uworld QBank, ANKI, Stetchy, NBME Self Assessments, master USMLE/ NBME question answering skills.

Unlike other tutors, I am easily reachable, via phone call, WhatsApp, Text messaging, Facebook/ Instagram messenger, email etc from early morning till late at night and scheduling classes is very easy.

Payments, pricing packages, cancelation and rescheduling policies are easy to understand and use. 

If you are looking for a highly experienced USMLE tutor that is as passionate as yourself and highly motivated to share all their tips and tricks that can help you not only do a whole lot better on USMLE, but also help you excel in the medical/ surgical field, then get in touch with me today and I will do my very best to get you started as soon as possible.

You can also visit my YouTube Channel to get a better idea of my USMLE tutoring style and approach to USMLE Preparation.

Lastly, you can visit my Student Reviews page or my Google Business Listing page and read my previous USMLE tutoring student testimonials to help you better understand what to expect if you decide to use my services for your USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK or USMLE Step 3 Exam preparation.

"When You Want The Best or Nothing at All" you come to Best USMLE Tutor!

Thank you and hope to see you for your Free USMLE Consult.

Dr. Harish Malik

Best USMLE Tutor

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