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About Me

Dr. Harish Malik | Best USMLE Tutor

I am Dr. Harish Malik, and I have been Successfully tutoring Medical Students and Medical Doctors for their USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 CK, USMLE Step 3, Board Exams such as ABIM, ABPN, ABFM, ACOG, NBME CBSE COMP Exams, COMLEX levels 1, 2 and 3, Medical School NBME Shelf exams. Embark on a transformative journey towards USMLE and Board Exam Success with my high-end, mind-bending, life-changing, exclusive, and premier tutoring services available Globally to USMDs, USDOs, as well as IMGs. Elevate your scores to "new heights" and join the elite using my simplified.. 

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    Khanij AryaKhanij Arya
    11:28 13 Jun 24
    I am immensely grateful for the support and guidance I received. They not only helped me tackle complex questions and understand subjects better but also offered invaluable emotional support. Their discussions on life's philosophy and overcoming hurdles have been truly inspiring. Forever grateful for their help and wisdom .
    michael Asamoahmichael Asamoah
    20:52 28 May 24
    "I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Malik to prepare for my USMLE exams, and I cannot recommend them enough! Dr. Malik's expertise and guidance were instrumental in helping me achieve my goals. Dr. Malik is an exceptional teacher who takes the time to understand your strengths and weaknesses, tailoring their instruction to meet your individual needs. Their explanations are clear, concise, and easy to understand, making even the most complex concepts feel manageable.Dr. Malik is not only knowledgeable but also patient, supportive, and encouraging. They created a comfortable and productive learning environment, making me feel confident and motivated throughout the entire process. Their feedback was constructive and actionable, helping me identify areas for improvement and track my progress.Thanks to Dr. Malik, I felt well-prepared and confident on exam day. I achieved a score that exceeded my expectations, and I attribute this success largely to their exceptional tutoring. If you're preparing for the USMLE exams, I highly recommend working with Dr. Malik. They are an outstanding tutor who will help you reach your full potential!"
    Ida Mae AbajonIda Mae Abajon
    05:19 18 May 24
    My brief session with Dr. Malik about the Step 3 exam was truly an eye-opener. It covered the right mind set for taking the exam, test strategies, and other helpful tips. With this newfound knowledge, I feel positive about the outcome of my USMLE step 3 exam.
    19:58 08 May 24
    Had a wonderful session with Dr. Malik sir. He’s more than just a doctor and usmle coach.He makes you realise and perceive things in completely different way and tells the ways how things can be doneMade me question all the things I’ve learned so far and taught many new thingsThank you for your time sir20 stars for you
    Andrea MerizaldeAndrea Merizalde
    01:58 06 May 24
    I would give him 10 or 20 stars if I could!!! I can't say enough how much Dr. Malik helped me in this process. He was a blessing from God. No amount of reviews and star ratings can describe this amazing soul, he is not just a tutor. He knows anything and everything. Consider yourself lucky and fortunate if you come across Dr. Malik.Dr. Malik is the best USMLE tutor and life coach, he will gather your mental, emotional and spiritual strength.I’m a 2005 grad with no home country residency, my step 1 was in 2007 and my step 2 was in 2008 (low scores) back then I was not aware of his existence🥹. I came across Dr. Malik after googling for a USMLE tutor in 2018, I called but I was not sure at that time, since I finished medical school many years ago and the probability to get into residency was very low (I regret it now that I didn’t get back to him) I wish I could have done this earlier. In 2022 I matched and that summer I started residency. After many months of studying and working full time I took uworld 1st assessment and NBME 5 and scored horrible (below 0 percentile). I reached out to him desperate in April 2022 I thought maybe he wasn’t going to called back because last time I never got back but he did, and he said let’s do it now, there is no tomorrow, you can do it. My program required me to pass step 3 before be promoted to PG2. Same year I was going through a separation/divorce, my oldest went to college, had my youngest with me, really bad anxiety regarding the exam, my job, he also diagnosed me dislexia. I finished my inter year and then I have to stop working, but it was worth it. That was also a blessing… the time that I spent with him in my preparation was worth it, he totally changed my perceptions about everything in life. He is very very patient a became my friend because he really cared about my process.He was and is such a blessing in my life. I was able to do it just because of him. He literally held my hand throughout 9 months of eating, drinking, sleeping and exercising USMLE (he put it on that way). He daily used to send me reminders to stay focused, always had the perfect words to motivate me. He was (he is until today) very supportive. He helped me to overcome all the disappointments that I had. He was always there for me and lifted that burden of anxiety allowing me to enjoy the moment and learning medicine again. He makes sure that you understand. He taught me the skills to learn everything I should know. He taught me biostatistics and most importantly he taught me to love biostatistics and will never forget it.He is expensive and the process was very painful but he is worthy every cent. My step 3 score was much better than step 1 and 2 scores.I would highly recommend students and Drs to get help from Dr. Malik if you really want to achieve success.Thank you Dr. Malik you are absolutely the best!!!Picture: with Dr. Malik usmle is fun 🤩
    Izabella KhachikyanIzabella Khachikyan
    01:40 18 Mar 24
    Dr. Malik has the most comprehensive way of tutoring and a special approach in teaching. Dr. Malik is very thorough, he is helping to grasp a concept and explaining a big picture. He is attentive, supportive, and detail oriented. Great tutor!
    ashok shahashok shah
    17:50 13 Mar 24
    Dr. Malik helped me overcome previous disappointments on Step 1 and 2 and I passed Step 3 after years removed from medicine. He will focus you, help you with your weaknesses and coach you through the process. If you need 1 on 1 help, focusing which materials to study, coaching on speed, stamina and knowledge he is a great resource and I highly recommend him to everyone. QBanks alone are not enough. His process allows for multiple testing gates along the way to make sure you are ready to sit for the exam. HIS PROCESS WORKS!!I just matched and he will be helping me for the ITE exam prep
    Vishal KumarVishal Kumar
    16:10 13 Dec 23
    It was nice connection and I learnt stuffs which I never heard of before
    bansi trambadiabansi trambadia
    16:59 14 Oct 23
    Hello everyone,My journey with dr malik started for my step 3 .It was one of the most unique learning experiences I got, apart from getting my concepts cleared, he also motivated me to work throughout the period of exam.Solving MCQS with him was like doing meditation, his habit of making solve NBMEs and then letting us take the exam is something which boosted my confidence.I could have never taken an exam again in such a short span of time without his tutoring. I recommend that any medical student who is not able to improvise his or her scores after a couple of NBMEs .Thanks again Dr Malik and all the very best to all the future test takers
    penumarthi kasipenumarthi kasi
    20:10 06 Sep 23
    Dr.Malik is a philosopher in disguise, he knows more about life than many people out there , He experiences his happiness by sharing his knowledge & uplifting others. Such a mindset is very necessary in this world.
    Mashhood IrfanMashhood Irfan
    19:20 01 Mar 23
    I haven’t used his service but after having one conversation with him. I am confident whoever uses his service is going to benefit. He has unique ways of teaching stuff and test taking skills.
    20:38 27 Aug 22
    Dr. Malik is a really great tutor- I worked with him to help with Step 3 studying prior to starting residency. I went to a US based med school. He not only spent time teaching me concepts that I felt I didn't really learn well during medical school (eg. interpreting EKGs, biostatistics, etc.), he helped me change the way I approach MC questions- he also helped me with the case based learning portion of the exam (Day 2; Archie's CCS course is also a great supplement). I took the Step a year after working with him, but retained the learning/strategies that we reviewed together. I got a 220 on Step 3 and I only wish I would have been worked with him sooner during med school, because I had difficulties with the previous Steps that I could have avoided. Besides the Steps, if you're a first or second yr med student, it would be worthwhile to consider working with Dr. Malik from the beginning of the year on a bimonthly basis to strengthen topics that you've found challenging and to lay a foundation that will serve you throughout the rest of med school. He's very motivating and will encourage you to stay on top of your study schedule.
    Zayani SimsZayani Sims
    16:37 16 Aug 22
    Everyone knows the Drake lyrics, “started from the bottom now we here.” Dr. Malik makes what seems impossible, possible. Dr. Malik took me from 44% correct to 82% correct on my NBMEs in a little over 1 month. He turned my confusion into confidence and believed in me every step of the way. USMLE exams are stressful and step 1 had my anxiety through the roof but Dr. Malik was there for me and lifted that burden of stress allowing me to think clearly and even making learning medicine fun. Dr. Malik is a unique tutor because he is dedicated to his students and truly wants you to succeed. He goes above and beyond to make sure you not only pass but high pass and understand the material. I used his services for step 1 and I am so grateful for my pass on the first attempt. His methods are not easy but if you stick it out and do your best, you will achieve your goals and learn many pearls of wisdom along the way. Looking forward to using him again. 10/10 highly recommend.
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    Why Choose Best USMLE Tutor for your USMLE Steps 1, 2 CK, and 3 as well as your Board Exam Preparation?

    Top 7 Reasons Why you should Choose Dr. Malik's Best USMLE Tutor for your USMLE and Board Exam Preparation?

    • Expertise: Dr. Malik possesses deep knowledge and expertise in all medical school subjects, USMLE, Medical Boards, offering valuable insights and guidance to his students.

    • Support: Dr. Malik provides personalized support.

    • Engagement: Dr. Malik teaches the Art of Jnana Yoga for an immersive study experience.

    • Accessibility: 24/7 availability for Emergencies.

    • Personalization: Dr. Malik adapts his teaching style to match each student's unique learning style.

    • Inspiration: Dr. Malik's use of Zen to inspire students.

    • Best Results: 100% USMLE Pass Rate for Students who finish and comply.

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