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Best 1-1 USMLE Step 3 Tutoring

Best 1-1 USMLE Step 3 Tutoring is available Online Via Skype from the comfort of your home. 

BEST USMLE TUTOR provides targeted adaptive USMLE Step 3 Tutoring for First time test takers as well as Medical Students and Doctors with prior failed attempts!

If you need help or guidance with preparing for the USMLE Step 3, please contact us at your earliest convenience!

Dr. Harish Malik

BEST USMLE TUTOR launches Modular and Comprehensive One-on-One USMLE Step 3 Online (Globally via Skype) and In-Person Sessions (Available in Kingwood, near Houston, Texas ). Now you can get the One-on-One Individualized Attention that you deserve and need to pass the New Restructured USMLE Step 3 in less than 2 months.

Get ready for USMLE Step 3 Online in One-on-One setting which will mainly target your weaknesses but none the less cover comprehensively what's needed to pass Step 3. Learn from the Best USMLE Step 3 tutor in a personalized optimized manner which is adaptive to your style of learning using the best resources available!

USMLE Step 3 has changed for good!!! Are you ready and aware of the changes?

Here is what the new and Restructured USMLE Step 3 really entails....

More Biostatistics and Epidemiology, more Ethics including research ethics, more Pathophysiology, more Pharmacological drug mechanisms, interactions and even mechanisms of adverse effects!!! Lengthier questions, CCS Cases where the patient may not improve despite correct timely management or even deteriorate. Cases where only screening and patient education is all that is needed. Cases where specialist care is required and cases with multiple vague concerns or work physical. Cases span medicine, surgery, Ob-Gyn, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and where seeking sub-speciaty consults is a must. Care has to provided in various health care settings not limited to Out-Patient, Observation, In-patient, PACU, ICU, NICU, CCU, telemetry floor, Nursing homes, patient home, and even over the phone and email!!!

Good thing is there is no need to schedule the 2 days of testing back to back and you have 14 days!

Changes have been made to ensure that it tests your ability to be able to administer ethical, safe medical care in the new medical system. They want you to know the hows and whys of medicine and cater to the new culturally diverse, technology savvy patients with smart devices and understand the medical and insurance system.

The test also wants to know if you can deal with increasingly smart pharmaceutical drug representatives and the reading materials that they provide. It also tests your ability to read, comprehend and analyze abstracts in order to decide and answer patient specific concerns as a "data based" primary care physician should be able to!

Enhanced communication and behavioral skills dealing with patients, family members, staff members, colleagues and end of life care including withdrawal of care, advance directives, power of attorney, involving hospital ethics committees, inappropriate relations with patients, staff members, giving and receiving gifts etc are increasingly being tested.

To do well on Step 3, you not only need to know how to come up with differential diagnosis, you need to be able to pick the top diagnosis or its complication which is most concerning and sometimes most life threatening or other times the most likely in the given demographic and determine the next best step in diagnosis or management or the next initial step and so on...

And now you also need to be able to answer mechanisms of diseases and drugs, complications, disease associations, disease prevention and national screening guidelines for healthy and specific at risk population!!!

If you're interested in passing the USMLE Step 3 the very first time or in your next attempt, please contact us online or by calling us at 8034935573 today!!!

If you are a busy Resident or an IMG in need of focused guidance/tutoring or would like to Sign Up for the more Comprehensive 2 month USMLE Step 3 Individualized One-on-One Review (Available Globally via Skype or In-Person in Houston, Texas 77070), please give us a call.

Preparation for USMLE Step 3 has become more challenging for busy Residents and IMGs alike due to its extensive content outline, unique question formats (Pharmaceutical Advertisement-Drug Ad-Format and Abstract Format) and CCS cases and the availability of such varied preparation materials filled with out-of-date management strategies leading to increasing confusion among Step 3 test takers.

The lack of success among Doctors going through expensive classroom style USMLE Step 3 preparation programs and the ones' watching various Step 3 video series and going through popular Step 3 Q-Banks has led to growing frustration among USMLE Step 3 test takers.

The High Failure Rate among IMG Residents has led to increasing pressure on the IMGs to Pass USMLE Step 3 even before they start Residency as more and more IMGs are now unable to secure a Residency Spot without passing USMLE Step 3 making matters worse. At the same time procrastination on the part of some Residents who delay taking their Step 3 until their 2nd or 3rd Year are increasingly finding it difficult to pass Step 3 in their first attempt which might impact their chances of securing the Fellowships of their choice. Some Residents are unable to pass their USMLE Step 3 even in 2 or 3 attempts and are increasingly being let go from various Residency Programs.

To eliminate such confusion and to help everyone pass their USMLE Step 3 in as little as 2 months, BEST USMLE TUTOR has launched the Online and In-Person USMLE STEP 3 PREP Individualized Review Program.

If you have Failed USMLE Step 3 once or even several times, but are willing to work hard once again, please don't lose hope as BEST USMLE TUTOR is willing to take you as a Student and do all the hard work for you to bring you to the level which will ensure your Success in your next USMLE Step 3 attempt.

Whether you simply need a guidance session or are finding USMLE Step 3 preparation a challenge or have failed your USMLE Step 3 before, we would love to hear from you and listen to your USMLE Step 3 story and assist you in every way possible to help to achieve the USMLE Step 3 success that you rightfully deserve.

BEST USMLE TUTOR understands that Passing USMLE Step 3 is Critical in your Success and Failure on USMLE Step 3 is something that can be prevented as well as FIXED!!!

Thank you,

Dr. Harish Malik


Ph: 803-493-5573

Please Call us at 803-493-5573 to learn more about RLA and FIDR USMLE Sessions that are Revolutionizing USMLE Preparation Globally. The only Comprehensive as well as focused One-on-One Tutoring for USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 CK, USMLE Step 2 CS, USMLE Step 3 in Kingwood, near Houston, Texas (Now Available Globally via SKYPE).

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Best 1-1 USMLE Step 2 CK Tutoring Student Reviews

Getting the Best 1-1 USMLE Step 2 CK tutoring is now a must as USMLE Step 1 transitions to Pass/ Fail, putting a much greater emphasis on your USMLE Step 2 CK score.

Hiring Dr. Harish Malik can help you improve your USMLE Step 2 CK score significantly in a timely manner if you are willing to and are able to make the suggested changes to your USMLE Step 2 CK preparation. Schedule your Free Demo USMLE Tutoring Session today!

Get ready for USMLE Step 2 CK with Best USMLE Step 2 CK Tutor!

USMDs, USDOs and IMGs are all welcome!

Best USMLE Step 2 CK Tutoring

Dr. Harish Malik

Average score increase for USMLE Step 2 CK students for BEST USMLE TUTOR is 47 points (30-60 points) within 3-6 weeks for 1st time test takers and 6-8 weeks for those retaking Step 2 CK.

Some USMLE Step 2 CK students improved by 40 points within 4 weeks of preparation with BEST USMLE TUTOR.

Pass rate for 1st time USMLE Step 2 CK test takers has been 100% after preparation with BEST USMLE TUTOR where as for those retaking their CK was also 100% for 2020 and 100% for 2019. 

Pass rate for USMDs, USDOs and IMGs preparing for their USMLE Step 2 CK with Dr. Malik was 100%.

Lowest score on USMLE Step 2 CK for BEST USMLE TUTOR was 222 and the highest score was 257 and student scores have gone up even 40 points within 1 week of preparation when they hire me for "rush services" for their USMLE Step 2 CK. Better still, for those having a good understanding and knowledge base for CK and needing only USMLE Step 2 CK Question Answering Skill Building, even 1 day of tutoring has risen their NBME Score by 25 more points over their previous NBME Score.

BEST USMLE TUTOR does not offer any form of Guarantee that students preparing with us will definitely pass their USMLE Step 2 CK in their First or Repeat attempt due to the nature of the exam and uncontrollable variables involved in taking USMLE Step 2 CK. 

That being said, chances of getting a higher score and that of passing for those with previous failed USMLE Step 2 CK dramatically increase for those students who are able to keep up and stay focused and motivated during the rigorous Best USMLE Tutor USMLE Step 2 CK Study Plan that will be designed around your test taking timelime. Students that work hard along with my timely tutoring have not only been doing better on their USMLE Step 2 CK, but doing well in their medical/surgical careers over all due to a change in their approach and understanding of human mechanism and the practice of medicine.

Please Read some of my recent USMLE Step 2 CK Student Testimonials Below:


Please Call us at 8034935573 to Schedule your First FREE ONLINE USMLE STEP 2 CK Consultation.

Looking forward to hearing from you and helping you Pass USMLE Step 2 CK in the shortest possible time.

Thank you for visiting BEST USMLE TUTOR for your USMLE Step 2 CK Exam Preparation needs.

Dr. Harish Malik


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Retaking USMLE Step 1, 2 CK and Step 3? Follow these simple Steps to avoid failing again.

Have you Failed any USMLE Step?  Welcome to Best USMLE Tutor where you will find the Very Best Tips Guidance and Tutoring that will help you Excel while Retaking or taking USMLE Steps 1, 2CK and Step 3.

Read my USMLE Study Plan and High Yield Free Medical School Study Links post and look at the High Yield Study links get started on the #1 reason why medical students and doctors Fail their USMLE Step 1, 2 or 3 in the First place. Get started with updating your Vocabulary using the first 6 links and then Schedule your Retaking USMLE Online Skype/Zoom Tutoring Demo with me today!

If you're ready to forgive yourself for your previous unsuccessful attempts at USMLE Steps and are ready to move on and learn from the Best in the business of USMLE TUTORING for USMLE Retakes, I will do our very BEST to help you reach your Highest USMLE Step score in the least possible time by providing you with a different approach to understanding Medicine and USMLE Exams!

Please don't Retake any USMLE Step without meeting with me Online One-on-One for a Free No strings attached Tips, Strategies and Personalized Guidance to help you reach your target USMLE Score this time. Hard work in the Right direction can work miracles for you, and misdirected effort can lead you to another disappointing Failed attempt or a low USMLE Score!

Schedule your Free Online USMLE Step 1, 2 CK or Step 3 Retaking Tips and Guidance Session with Dr. Harish Malik.

Dr. Harish Malik from Best USMLE Tutor
Best USMLE Tutor Dr. Harish Malik

I am not saying that it's going to be easy this time, but you MUST maintain firm belief in your goals of continuing your journey of practicing Medicine after finishing Residency, Fellowship and obtaining a full Medical License and continue to think positive. 

The Good News is that all is not lost and that With additional focused and dedicated hard work and sacrifice, you can still get into a Residency Program One day Practice Medicine with a full Medical Medical License like many others who didn't give up on their USMLE dreams and made them a reality!

Now, before that can be made possible, you will have to retake and Pass any and all USMLE Steps that you have failed with the help of a Guide, Mentor, Guru and an Expert Tutor with a great deal of Experience, Expertise and Excellent track record to help you get a great score on your USMLE Retake attempt.

Break your illusion of false sense of understanding of medical concepts in a Free Online USMLE Tutoring Demo Session today! 

Learn medicine correctly this time with BEST USMLE TUTOR'S conceptual real life analogy based USMLE learning techniques to not only pass USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 CK or USMLE Step 3 but to get a lot higher score than any prior USMLE Step in as little as 2 months!

If you want to reach your target USMLE Score this time around, please I welcome you to Schedule your BEST USMLE TUTOR's Free Online USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 CK and USMLE Step 3 Tips, Strategies, Guidance Session.

Schedule your Individualized One-on-One Online Diagnostic and Remedial Planning USMLE Step 1, 2 CK or 3 Retake Session Today by Calling me at 8034935573 or use my Live Chat feature!

I know that USMLE Exams are anxiety provoking the first time around for everyone, and can be nerve wrecking for those retaking these Steps!

If you want to find out what you can do differently this time around with your USMLE Step preparation to not only Pass but to reach your Highest USMLE Step score this time around, I will help you gain insights into your prior attempts for Free and provide Free Tips and Remedial Guidance for the next attempt!

I have been helping Students reach their Best USMLE Scores on their First Attempt as well as Retakes. Student Reviews for Best USMLE Tutor!


Dr. Harish Malik

Welcome to the very BEST in USMLE TUTORING!

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Best 1-1 USMLE Step 1 Tutor Student Reviews

Best 1-1 USMLE Step 1 Tutoring, Tips and Strategies to help you Pass Step 1. USMLE Step 1 will become Pass/ Fail starting Jan 26, 2022.

Best 1-1 USMLE Step 1 Tutor 

We here at BEST USMLE TUTOR are proud to offer the Free BEST Last minute USMLE Step 1 Tutoring for those who are unsure of their readiness for the Exam and want an expert unbiased opinion whether you should go ahead with your exam on your scheduled Test date or to push it back. We also offer No Expense Spared Best in business 1 week, 2 week, 4 week, 6 week and 8 week Online One-on-One USMLE Step 1 tutoring to match your Step 1 Preparation needs and Budget to help significantly increase your chances of passing USMLE Step 1!

USMLE Step 1 Tutoring is designed around your individual Step 1 preparation needs and Exam requirements to prevent USMLE Step 1 failure and help the students with prior USMLE Step 1 failed attempts to regain the requisite Medical knowledge, Skills, and Confidence and help them overcome their fear and anxiety. 

Here are some of  our USMLE Tutoring Student Testimonials:

BEST USMLE STEP 1 TUTOR Student Reviews 

After finishing your 2nd year of Medical School, now it's time to crush USMLE Step 1 and if you are looking for the Best possible coaching and mentoring for your upcoming USMLE Step 1, you have come to the Best place.

Here are BEST USMLE TUTOR's Best Free Tips and High Yield Strategies for Acing USMLE Step 1. Some if not all of which may be applicable to you...

1) Do your Best on MCAT if you are considering going to Medical School. What has MCAT Score got to do with your USMLE Step 1 Score?

Get to your Best score on MCAT (517 or higher) and get into a Higher Ranked US Medical School. If you can't get into a US Medical School then try to get into a top tier Caribbean Medical School. MCAT score reflects your language skills, understanding of the Physical, Chemical and Biological Sciences and your Standardized Test taking Skills... which are Critical for ACING USMLE Step 1.

2) How to understand each question exactly the way the USMLE Step 1 question writer intends you to?

USMLE Step 1 Question Writers are experts in their particular fields and write these questions in a manner such that anyone who understands English and medical language and the topics covered in that question well enough should be able to easily narrow down to the single best answer.

Here is the Best USMLE Tutor way to achieve just that:

Begin by working on your medical vocabulary by learning the Latin, Greek, and English roots, prefixes, suffixes and combining forms; build top 200 drugs vocabulary; know your labs; know medical images and know medical sounds and their descriptions!

You may ask why? Clearly because Perception becomes Reality...Most students tend to do bad on Standardized tests such as USMLE Step 1 because of poor grasp of medical vocabulary as triggers a false understanding or a misunderstanding of the question stem as we unconsciously ignore the words, numbers, images and sounds that we don't know about, leading to misinterpretation of the clinical scenario presented. This then leads to the unavoidable selection of the wrong answer which appears to be correct or inability to narrow it down to the right answer. So, we highly recommend that you master the Medical LANGUAGE (words, numbers, images and sounds of medicine) because that's what USMLE Step 1 questions are made up off.

Do you know what Meta- means? Do you know what the word diabetes means? Do you know what Relative Bradycardia means? Do you know the names and mechanisms of top 200 drugs and their indications and contraindications and adverse effects? Do you know all the normal lab values and most common conditions associated with their various degrees of variations? Do you know Radiology images well? How about Gross images, histology, special stains? How about dermatology, eye & ear images, ECGs, EEGs, Action potentials, LV and lung Pressure volume loops? Do you know your murmurs, heart sounds, lung sounds and various bruits? Not knowing some of these things well enough makes all the difference in your comprehension of any Medical Text Book, Guide, Q-Bank and the USMLE Exam itself!!!!!

Remember almost all well informed students who take USMLE Step 1 are using the same resources... then why such varied results from Failing, to barely passing to Acing the USMLE Step 1... It's not the resources at fault, it's your inability to fully comprehend and wisely use those resources in a timely fashion... is what will ultimately determine how you will do on your USMLE Step 1. Best USMLE Tutor focuses on building your vocabulary, knowledge, comprehension, speed, stamina, motivation and ultimately build your USMLE Step 1 Question comprehension and Answering Skills to get you to your Best USMLE Step 1 score!

3) How to never run out of time on USMLE Step 1?

The Human Brain has a very powerful filtering mechanism when it comes to processing and retaining information. Trust and believe that Medical field will require you to retain a lot of information very quickly and each clinical vignette on USMLE Step 1 will have a lot of information which you will be required to process in a very short period of time.. you will not have time to read the questions twice. . So, you must be able to understand the question fully in the very first and very quick read and be able to come up with the answer that exactly answers what's being asked.  Inability to do so WILL result in RUNNING OUT of TIME on the Step 1. You only have enough time to reflexively answer questions so build your Reflexes through practicing Timed full length 8 blocks/day timed Blocks!

4) How long should it take for you to prepare for the USMLE Step 1 in order for you to ACE it?


What is the Ideal preparation time for Acing the USMLE Step 1?

Well it depends whether you went to a US, Caribbean, or an International Medical School and how well you did in your 1st 2 years of school and for IMGs in particular... how long ago you graduated from Medical School?

For most US Medical School students who were doing well in school, it should take 3-5 weeks of solid preparation with 7-11 hours of daily productive focused study time.

For most Caribbean Medical Students who were doing well in school, it should take 6-8 weeks for Step 1 with 7-11 hours of daily productive focused study time.

For most International Medical Graduates it should take 2-3 months for Step 1 with 7-11 hours of daily productive focused study time.

5) Which Books should you read for acing USMLE Step 1?

Best USMLE Tutor recommends:

First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 for an overall review.

For Review during Medical School...

High Yield Gross Anatomy, Embryology, Histology, Neuroanatomy, cell biology, and Genetics.

BRS Physiology and Behavioral Science.

Illustrated Pharmacology and Biochemistry.

WEBPATH (Free Online Website) for Pathology instead of Pathoma!

Medical Microbiology made Ridiculously Simple.

6) Which Question Bank[/COLOR] is the Best and Most Similar to the questions found on the USMLE Step 1?

NBME Self Assessment Tests Are undoubtedly the BEST. The newest ones are the best reflectors of your actual USMLE Step 1 SCORE. Our Students score within 10 points of their average of NBME 18 and 19 taken back to back!

USMLE WORLD, USMLE RX and Kaplan USMLE Step 1 Q Bank are nowhere as good as the NBME Questions are good resources for building knowledge and Stamina but NOT Question answering Skills and Strategies!

Lastly, if you are looking for something more than tips and have the Resources and Time, Use Best USMLE Tutor to help you reach your Best possible USMLE Step 1 score in the least amount of time! 

Consult us today for Free by Calling/Texting your details at 803-493-5573 and schedule a Free Online USMLE Step 1 Consultation Via Skype or In-Person in Kingwood, Houston, Texas!

"Why Try the Rest when you Deserve the Best" We believe that you Deserve the Best USMLE Tutor!

If you are preparing to take or retake USMLE Step 1, we would like to get you started today with your Free Online USMLE Step 1 tutoring Trial Session.

Dr. Harish Malik 
Ph. 803-493-5573

Best 1-1 USMLE Step 3 Tutoring

Best 1-1 USMLE Step 3 Tutoring  is available Online Via Skype from the comfort of your home.  BEST USMLE TUTOR provides targeted adaptive U...