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We help lower USMLE anxiety and fear, build/ re-build individual student  confidence, stamina, focus, restore their love of medicine, sky rocket their medical knowledge, MCQs and CCS skills by providing them with a much deeper understanding of the human machine.

I also recommend using a host of weblinks to help you improve your medical language vocabulary pertaining to medical word parts, pharmacology, numbers used in medicine, medical images and medical sounds. I will also help improve your MCQ/ Clinical Vignette reading, interpretation and answering skills by walking you through your mistakes. I will provide you with tips and tricks that will help you stay focused under stressful and anxiety provoking USMLE testing conditions. I will help you put an end to debate by teaching you how to narrow down the answers, help you build immense stamina, boost your knowledge and confidence to help lower your test taking anxiety and curb your USMLE fear and even get you excited about taking your USMLE Step. 

Every student needs and circumstances are unique and I would love to hear your USMLE Story and use my over 10 years, 40K hours of exclusive Full Time USMLE Tutoring experience and help you put your USMLE anxiety and fears to rest. 

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Dr. Harish Malik